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Frequently Asked Questions


Question:   Is Bret Clark’s mine Thomas Jefferson Clark’s original mine?

Answer:  No, neither Bret Clark’s mine nor the Miller Rock Claim existed at the time of Thomas Jefferson Clark’s Discovery.  See the Miller Rock Claim here.


Question:  Did Thomas Jefferson Clark own or have an interest in Hub Research and Development Company?

Answer:  No, Thomas Jefferson Clark never had an interest of any kind in Hub Research and Development Company.  Corporate ownership is a matter of record.


Question:  Did Thomas Jefferson Clark have an equity ownership in any company involving his son Jay Clark?

Answer:  Yes, Thomas Jefferson Clark invested in a Corporation called Clarite Battery to help his son Jay.  Clarite Battery was formed to produce lead acid automobile batteries.  That company failed in the early 1950’s.


Question:  How old was Bret Clark at the time of Thomas Jefferson Clark’s death?

Answer:   He was 9 years old.


Question:  How old was T. J. Clark at the time of Thomas Jefferson Clark’s death?

Answer:  He was 25.


Question:   We noticed that the Miller Rock Claim was formed to mine “Flux Shale”.  What is Flux Shale?

Answer:  We don’t know for sure but we suspect it was a material used to form the various metal alloys that Clarite Battery was involved with at the time.  The definition of Flux is:   a substance used to promote fusion (as by removing impurities) especially of metals or minerals  b : a substance (as rosin or borax) applied to surfaces to be joined by soldering, brazing, or welding just prior to or during the operation to clean and free them from oxide and promote their union  c : a substance (as borax) added in glassmaking for promoting vitrification 


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